The 2.7 TDV6 Engine fitted in the Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport is an extremely robust engine. We have many vehicles coming through our workshop with well in excess of 200,000 miles on the clock.

The 2.7 TDV6 develops 190bhp, which may not sound that much given the weight of the vehicles it is fitted in, but the most important figure is torque — and the 2.7 TDV6 has that in abundance, a whopping 325lb ft of the stuff at a meagre 1,900rpm. And fuel economy isn’t bad either, getting in excess of 35mpg on a run is not unheard of.

Part of the Lion engine family the 2.7 TDV6 was developed by Ford and also used by Jaguar and Peugeot Citroen. However to maximise low speed torque for towing or off road use Land Rover fitted a large capacity single turbocharger rather than use the twin turbo version. Along with a large cooling fan and high capacity sump this helps maintain oil pressure when driving off road at extreme angles or high load towing.

Having laid all this praise, if the 2.7 TDV6 breaks then it is expensive to replace so good maintenance is essential. Here at K Motors we cover everything from servicing to complete engine rebuilds.

As well as our extensive knowledge and experience in Discovery 3 or Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 engine repairs we also have the very latest Autologic diagnostic equipment and technical support to aid in any fault finding. Here we have a list of the more common TDV6 engine problems, symptoms and costs to repair.

2.7 TDV6 Engine Repairs – Price List

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2.7 TDV6 Engine - Diagnostic Check

If you have any warning lights illuminating on your dash or fault warnings on the display or simply feel that your vehicle isn't running as well as it should be then the first step is to get a full diagnostic report. This will show any faults that the ECU has recorded since it was last cleared.
Full diagnostic health check and report£60
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Timing Belt Replacement
Land Rover recommend changing the timing belts on their diesel engines every 105,000 miles, however we suggest to be on the safe side (see cost of reconditioning engine) and replace them at around 90,000 miles.
Replace timing belt and tensioner (OEM)£275
Replace timing belt, tensioner and idlers (OEM)£325
Replace timing belt, tensioner, idlers and rear belt (OEM)£675
Replace timing belt, tensioner, idlers and oil pump (LR)£799
2.7 TDV6 Engine - EGR Valve Replacement
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve recirculates the burnt carbon back into the engine to keep emissions down. Over time a build up of the carbon will prevent the valve from opening and closing properly. Excessive smoke and a loss of power along with the engine management light on the dash are the most common symptoms. There are LH and RH EGR valves, generally once one fails the other one fails shortly after.
EGR valve replacement (single side)£340
EGR valve replacement (both sides)£650
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Intercooler Hose

A loss of power and a lot of black smoke from the exhaust is often caused by a split intercooler hose.
Replace Intercooler hose (Genuine LR)£95
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Turbocharger Replacement

Loss of power, excessive smoke, whistling noise and the engine management light illuminated on dash can point to turbo failure. Often caused by the EGR failing and sending too much carbon to the turbo and causing it to over spool. We would always advise replacing the EGRs when replacing the turbo as the warranty will be invalid if they are not.
Fit new Borg Warner turbo (requires body removing from chassis)£1950
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Clutch Replacement

A slipping clutch will cause the engine to rev higher while the vehicle does not accelerate as quickly. Another sign that the clutch is failing is that the indicator on the dash which informs of the gear the vehicle is in is slow to react when you change gear.
Replace clutch cover, clutch plate and slave cylinder (OEM)£950
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement

A dual mass flywheel absorbs the vibration from the engine and rarely outlasts a clutch, we would always advise replacing both at the same time.
Replace clutch cover, clutch plate, slave cylinder and flywheel (OEM)£1250
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Coolant Bottle

Due to a design fault on the earlier Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport models, the coolant bottle which is made from two halves separates at the seam. This causes a loss of coolant. If you have the coolant low warning on your dash shortly after it has been topped up then expect this to be the cause.
Replace coolant overflow tank£95
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Drive Belt and Tensioner Replacement

A squealing from the engine especially on start up is generally a sign that the auxiliary belt tensioner is starting to fail as the noise is due to the bearings running dry. We would always advise to change the belt at the same time.
Replace tensioner and drive belt (Genuine LR)£149
2.7 TDV6 Engine - Alternator Replacement

If your battery light is on and warning lights appear on the dash, and you have trouble starting the vehicle or the power dies then it could be a sign of a faulty alternator. To test, with the engine running use a multimeter to check the voltage across the battery terminals, it should be between 13.8 and 14.4 volts. If you have a voltage reading outside these parameters then the alternator requires replacing.
Replace alternator (OEM)£279

2.7 TDV6 Engine - Injector Replacement

If you are experiencing trouble starting your vehicle, have a misfire or a strong smell of diesel then it could be a faulty fuel injector.

Replace injector EU Stage 3 emissions (OEM)£325
Replace injector EU Stage 4 emissions (OEM)£355
All prices include parts, fitting and VAT

*Prices quoted above are average costs, parts prices may vary depending on vehicle specification and availability when sourcing OEM.
Collection and Re-delivery throughout Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester available upon request.


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