About The Jaguar E-Pace

The E-Pace is the first small crossover SUV Jaguar have produced and it is still very new. As such, major issues are only just starting to appear as these vehicles fall out of warranty.

As an independent specialist working on JLR vehicles, we have both the knowledge and the specialist equipment required to update, diagnose and fix the E-Pace to the same high standards expected of a main dealer.

Below is a list of some of the common faults we have found on the Jaguar E-Pace along with symptoms and the solutions we are able to provide at our workshop.

Timing Chain Failure | 2.0 Diesel

The 2.0L diesel Ingenium engine is used on vehicles across the Jaguar Land Rover range and timing chain issues are unfortunately very common on this engine. The timing chains stretch over time and if not replaced can cause irreparable engine failure.

In November 2019 JLR introduced an upgraded design chain that eliminates this problem. If you hear an engine rattle on start up then this is the sign of wear. We replace all the chains, guides, tensioners etc using genuine parts. For more information on this subject, please take a look at our full article here.

DPF Failure | 2.0 Diesel

The standard EU6 exhaust system used on 2.0 diesel XE models would not fit the E-Pace as the bulkhead got in the way, so Jaguar engineered a longer exhaust that ran around the bodywork obstruction. Unfortunately, this causes heat losses in the system which means that a lot of the time, the DPF will struggle to regenerate properly, especially if the vehicle is only used for short journeys, increasing the risk of a blocked DPF. This will typically result in the car going into “Limp Mode” and the engine management light will illuminate.

A vehicle running with a partially blocked DPF can also cause excess fuel to be used in the injection process, effectively diluting the engine oil with diesel and reducing its ability to lubricate the engine. DPF blockages can often only be remedied with an expensive replacement filter.

This problem can affect all 2.0 diesel models but seems most common on the D150 models.

For more information on looking after your DPF please see this article on diesel particulate filters.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your Jaguar E-Pace you can book in a repair with K Motors here.

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