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Vehicle Air Conditioning has entered a New Era

Most vehicles with air conditioning systems use a refrigerant known as R134a, however this gas has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1430 which creates high levels of greenhouse gas emissions which if released into the atmosphere would take many months to break down.

With pressure to prevent climate change, focus on the impact of refrigerants on the environment demanded a solution for a gas that could provide cooling but with a considerably lower global warming impact.

As a result a new refrigerant has been developed called R1234yf which has a GWP of only 4. This new gas is completely non toxic and were it ever to escape into the atmosphere it would break down in a matter of hours. The only downside to this is that it is considerably more expensive to produce and new specialist equipment is required to dispense it.

Here at K Motors we have invested in the latest automotive air conditioning equipment for both the R134a and R1234yf refrigerants enabling us to service and refill the air con systems in all Land Rover vehicles.

When servicing a Land Rovers air conditioning we start by removing all existing refrigerant from the vehicle. We then pressure test the system to make sure that when filled with new gas it does not escape through any obvious holes. Please be aware that even if the system passes the pressure test it does not guarantee 100% that the system is air tight, for example if there is a tiny pin hole in a pipe somewhere then the gas can still escape over a period of time. Once the system has been tested a special oil is forced into the system to keep all moving parts lubricated. Then the refrigerant that was taken out is filtered and all the impurities are removed making it as good as new, it is then put back into the system and topped up with fresh gas to capacity.

Air Conditioning system Regas

Air Conditioning System test, service and recharge R134a Refrigerant – £60 inc VAT*
*Topping up the R134a refrigerant costs an extra 6p per gram used.

Air Conditioning System test, service and recharge R1234yf Refrigerant – £90 inc VAT*
*Topping up the R1234yf refrigerant costs an extra 18p per gram used.

Which refrigerant does your Land Rover vehicle use?

Land Rover use the new R1234yf refrigerant in the following vehicles:

Range Rover Evoque from 2013MY onwards
Range Rover (L405) an Range Rover Sport (L494) from 2014MY
Land Rover Discovery Sport from 2015MY
And all future vehicles to be released by Land Rover from 2016MY.

All older Land Rover vehicles use the older R134a type refrigerant.

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