We have been repairing and rebuilding Ninety’s and One Ten’s for over 25 years. As the most capable 4×4 out there, they can be subject to hard use or abuse and we recommend regular servicing to avoid breakdowns and major unit rebuilds.

Rear Crossmember Replacement

The most common chassis repair is replacement of the rear crossmember due to corrosion. This is a common MOT failure and repair involves removal of the tow bracket and fuel tank, cutting the old crossmember off with oxy-acetylene gear, replacement with a new quarter chassis, rebuilding and painting.

Replace Rear Crossmember on Land Rover® 90 or 110, Defender – £650 + VAT

All prices include parts, fitting and VAT.
Parts prices may vary depending on vehicle specification and availability when using OEM.

For further advice on the above issues as well as anything else on your Defender, please phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email us at service@kmotors.co.uk


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