Automatic Transmission Failure

The ZF and GM5 automatic gearboxes used in the Range Rover®L322 are prone to failure. Initial symptoms would usually be a reluctance to shift gear or the appearance of engine management or gear monitor faults on the dashboard. If the problem is not attended to the next symptom would normally be a chattering noise under load. If the any of these things occur it is best to stop driving the vehicle immediately and take it to the place of repair by recovery truck or on tow.

Loss Of Power

Loss of power on the Range Rover®L322 can be caused by a number of issues. Most will require the vehicle plugging into diagnostic equipment to find the exact cause however the most common faults are EGR valves or a split in one of the intercooler hoses. This means that the air boost pressure is lost so the air and fuel mixture is incorrect leading to poor performance and generally black smoke from the exhaust. Most instances will put the car into restricted performance mode but not always. This is most common on the 3.6 TDV8, to check, inspect the two hoses that run from the top of the intercooler into the engine a split will show if you squeeze them. We would always advise to change both hoses even if only one is faulty as the other will fail shortly after.

To Replace Both Top Intercooler Hoses – Fitted Price £105 inc. VAT

Rear Suspension Hub Bushes

A common problem on the Range Rover® L322 is perished rear hub bushes. These are the bushes that connect the hubs to the wishbones and the usual symptoms are clonking noises from the rear suspension when driving over bumps. The bushes are quite difficult to replace, requiring special LR tools and a fair amount of elbow grease.

Top and Bottom Rear Suspension Hub Bushes, (LH or RH) – Fitted Price £300 inc. VAT

Brake Discs And Pads

Full Size Range Rovers® are very heavy on brake pads and discs which can need replacing every 30000 miles.

Replacement Discs, Pads and Sensor Wires – Front or Rear – Per Axle Set – Fitted – From £235 inc. VAT (special price excludes vehicles fitted with Brembo parts, add extra £200)

Electrical Faults – Dash Flashing Or Poor Starting

Electrical faults ranging from engine not starting as easy as usual or not at all to dash lights flickering etc can be caused by a faulty alternator particularly on the 3.6 TDV8 models. It is easy to test if your alternator is working properly if you have a multi-meter, with the engine running hold the prongs on to the negative and positive terminals of the battery and you are looking for readings of between 13.9 and 15 volts. If the reading is outside of those parameters then the alternator is faulty and needs replacing. Unfortunately they are not easy to get at and it takes around 4 hours to replace.

To Replace Alternator with OEM Unit – Fitted Price £485 inc. VAT

Range Rover L322 Air Suspension Faults

While offering superior ride quality and excellent off road ability all round air suspension has helped set it apart from its rivals. However, there are a lot of components in the system and faults are commonplace. Most air suspension faults have the same symptoms, a SUSPENSION INACTIVE message will show on the dash display. The car will then be very slow to raise (or not raise at all) and only go into standard ride height will not go in off road or access mode occasionally it will introduce restricted performance (the dreaded limp home mode). Other issues can be one or more corners will not raise. The same symptoms and warnings can be caused by any of the following issues priced below. We would always advise a full diagnostic check to narrow down the cause before changing any parts.

Replace Air suspension compressor pump (OEM) to 06 – £550 inc. VAT
Replace Suspension compressor (Genuine LR) from 06 on – £682 inc VAT
Replace Air suspension height sensor (each OEM) – from £155 inc. VAT

Replace Air suspension valve (Genuine LR) – £249 inc. VAT
Replace Air suspension reservoir tank (Genuine LR) – £310 inc. VAT
Replace Complete Suspension Strut (OEM) – from £380 inc. VAT

Range Rover L322 Suspension Faults – Rattles And Bangs

Even though the majority of the suspension components are heavy duty parts they are on a vehicle that weighs the best part of 3 tons so eventually they are going to give. A rattle heard when travelling over rough terrain and often felt through the steering wheel is a common complaint but difficult to diagnose as you can test all bushes with a bar or jack vehicle up and look for play but not see any. It needs a ramp and someone to rock the steering wheel quickly side to side whilst another person looks for excessive movement in all the bushes and ball joints, the most common to go is the front suspension lower ball joint and it is easier to replace the whole arm than try to replace just the bush. When driving over rough ground or potholes if you hear more of a light rattle then this is often caused by worn bushes in the suspension drop links (also called tie/link or stabiliser bars).

Replace Front Suspension Upper Arm (OEM) – £130 inc. VAT (per side)

Replace Front Suspension Lower Arm (OEM) – £100 inc. VAT (per side)
Replace Suspension Drop Link (OEM) – £100 inc. VAT (per link)

Range Rover L322 Faulty Fuel Gauge

We are coming across this issue quite frequently on the later model Range Rover L322s. If you have noticed that your fuel gauge is reading incorrectly then this can be caused by a faulty fuel pump or a faulty ECU. However, we have found that often it is just an issue with the connectors that attach the wiring loom to the fuel sender unit that corrode giving intermittent signals and fortunately these can be replaced. It is a common fault with a number of Land Rover models. Be careful if you are thinking that you can live with a wrong reading on the dash because if the ECU thinks the tank is empty it will stop the engine to prevent any damage and not start again and you can guarantee it will do it at the most inconvenient time and location.

Repair Wiring Connections to In Tank Fuel Pump (Genuine LR) – £280 inc. VAT

Replace Fuel Pump and Sender Unit (OEM) – £670 inc VAT

Range Rover L322 Faulty Ignition Switch

Another issue we are seeing more of in our workshop on the Range Rover L322 is failing ignition switches. If you are finding difficulty turning the key in the ignition then this is generally the reason. On earlier models where the barrel is situated next to the gearstick the task of replacing it is not too difficult but if it is found to the left of the steering wheel on the upper part of the dash then the whole dash has to be removed to gain access, unfortunately that takes around 8 hours.

Replace Ignition Switch on Gearstick Console (Genuine LR) – £275 inc. VAT

Replace Ignition Switch on Upper Dash (Genuine LR) – £575 inc VAT

All prices include parts, fitting and VAT.
Parts prices may vary depending on vehicle specification and availability when using OEM.

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