AdBlue Issues – Diesel Models (2016 On)

Discovery Sport models with diesel engines from the 2016 model year onwards are all equipped with an SCR system, this is an emissions reduction system that uses the injection of Urea (AdBlue) into the exhaust to stop Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions escaping out of the tailpipe. The SCR system needs to be looked after as it can cause issues to the running of the vehicle, for example, if the system runs out of AdBlue, the car will become immobilised until the system is topped up, but if it is overfilled, the NOx sensors monitoring emissions levels can sometimes fail.

The SCR system could also start adding too much AdBlue into the system leading to increased consumption if there is a fault such as contamination or a sensor failure. If you have notice an increase in AdBlue consumption or any other unusual behavior, it is advised to get vehicle booked in for a diagnostic check.

Diagnosing SCR System – £73.20 inc. VAT Per Hour

NOx Sensor Replacement – £710 inc. VAT

DPF Failure – Diesel Models

All diesel Disco Sports come as standard with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). The DPF catches soot in the exhaust system and keeps it there until it can be burnt away at extremely high temperatures during DPF regeneration.

DPF Regeneration will occur on its own when the vehicle sustains high temperatures on a long, high speed run such as on a motorway or dual carriageway. If the vehicle isn’t used for long runs like this every once in a while, the DPF will fill up and an active regeneration will take place. Active regeneration is where extra fuel is injected into the engine to artificially raise the internal temperatures of the engine and exhaust. Some owners may not realise that regeneration is underway and will switch the vehicle off before regeneration is complete, meaning the system will remain blocked. This can cause the dreaded red DPF warning light to appear on the dash with the message “Exhaust Filter Full Visit Dealer”.

We are experienced with DPF problems at K Motors and if diagnostics does not reveal any failed sensors we try to force a regeneration using our Autologic systems before proceeding to a full manual DPF clean. Unfortunately though, sometimes an expensive new DPF will be the only option.

DPF Diagnostics – £73.20 inc. VAT Per Hour

Force DPF Regeneration – £110 inc. VAT

Manual DPF Clean & Regeneration – £300 inc. VAT

Replace Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) – P.O.A

To read more on DPF systems, please take a look at our article on DPF Maintenance.

EGR Valve – Diesel Models

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve (EGR) recirculates burnt carbon in the exhaust system back into the engine to keep emissions under control. If a vehicle is used on mainly short urban journeys in stop/start traffic, this can cause a build up of carbon which can prevent the valve from opening and closing properly. This is likely to cause excessive smoke and a loss of power along with an engine management light on the dash.

EGR Valve Replacement – £680

Timing Chain Failure – 2.0 Diesel

Most diesel Discovery Sports are fitted with the 2.0 Ingenium engine. This engine on models up to 2019 is unfortunately prone to timing chain failure. This is primarily due to the materials used in the chains construction. These timing chains are known to stretch which will likely cause a rattling noise on cold start and possibly a restricted performance message on the dash.

If a failing timing chain is left for too long, it can jump time or even snap causing irreparable engine damage. The materials used on the plastic guides that the chains run along can also cause problems. As they wear over time, swarf or debris from the guides can make its way into the engine oil pickup either partially or fully blocking it. Blocked oil pickups can lead to spun crankshaft bearings causing a bottom end engine failure as well as turbo failures due to insufficient lubrication. Unfortunately, large pieces of plastic can break off the guides too, causing other engine failures further in.

When replacing timing chains on the 2.0 Ingenium engine, we use the upgraded 2019 design chains to minimise the risk of future failures.

Replace Timing Chains, Tensioners, Idlers and Guides – £2141 inc. VAT

To read more about this issue, please take a look at our full article on 2.0 Ingenium timing chains.

Turbocharger Replacement – 2.0 Diesel

Turbos on 2.0 diesel versions of the Discovery Sport are known to fail. The main symptoms of turbo failure are a loss of power along with an engine management light.

If a failure is caused by an oil leak on the turbocharger itself and oil makes its way into the exhaust system, you may also notice a large amount of blue smoke coming out the exhaust which gets worse under acceleration.

A failing turbo may also give some advanced warning of failure, you may hear a siren like whining or whistling noise that gets progressively worse. If you are hearing a siren like noise from your turbocharger, make sure to book your Discovery Sport in for a repair quickly.

Turbo replacement is often not as simple as swapping in a new unit, because any contamination in the oil delivery system could potentially cause the new turbo to fail shortly after it is installed. When fitting new turbos at K Motors, we also perform a full engine flush and will recommend replacement of parts which we feel are at risk of contamination including intercoolers, feed pipes and filter screens.

Replace Turbocharger Unit Only – 2.0 Diesel – From £1850

To learn more about turbocharger issues on all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, please take a look at our full article on turbochargers.

Front Hub And Bearing

If you can hear a grinding or rumbling noise from the front wheel area that gets worse when turning and louder the faster you travel, this usually indicates a worn front wheel bearing. To confirm, jack up the side in question and feel for play by rocking the wheel from top to bottom and rotate the wheel a few times. If you can feel movement or feel/hear a roughness in rotation then both the wheel hub and the bearing need to be replaced.

It is important to replace failing wheel bearings before they fail completely as the wheel may separate from the vehicle!

Front Wheel Hub And Bearing Replacement (FAG) – £438

Rear Wheel Hub And Bearing

A groaning or rumbling noise from the rear of the vehicle that gets worse the faster you travel often indicates a worn rear wheel bearing. To confirm, jack up the side you suspect the noise is coming from and feel for play by rocking the wheel from top to bottom and spin the wheel a few times. If there is any excess movement or a rough sensation or noise as the wheel turns then the wheel hub and bearing need to be replaced.

It is important to replace failing wheel bearings before they fail completely as the wheel may separate from the vehicle!

Replace complete hub and bearing (NTN) – P.O.A

Brake Discs and Pads

If worn out brake pads are spotted early enough (before any damage is caused to the discs), then only the brake pads will need to be changed. If however your brake pads have been left until you hear the metal on metal sound then you will need to replace the discs as well as they will have been scored by the metal body of the brake pads.

Also if your brake discs are too thin (generally they only last around 32,000 miles) and have a considerable lip on the outer circumference, changing just the brake pads will result in the pads not bedding in properly and likely squealing every time the brake pedal is applied.

Front Brake Pads Replacement – £195

Front Brake Discs And Pads Replacement – £405

Rear Brake Pads Replacement – £220

Rear Brake Discs And Pads Replacement – £325

All prices include parts, fitting and VAT.
Final prices may vary depending on vehicle specification, sundries, additional parts required and part availability when using OEM.

For further advice on the above issues as well as anything else on your Disco Sport, please phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email us at

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