Common Problems and Fixes – Range Rover L322

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Automatic Transmission Failure

The ZF and GM5 automatic gearboxes used in the Range Rover®L322 are prone to failure. Initial symptoms would usually be a reluctance to shift gear or the appearance of engine management or gear monitor faults on the dashboard. If the problem is not attended to the next symptom would normally be a chattering noise under drive. If the any of these things occur it is best to stop driving the vehicle immediately and take it to the place of repair by recovery truck or on tow.

Loss of Power

Loss of power on the Range Rover®L322 can be caused by a number of issues. Most will require the vehicle plugging into diagnostic equipment to find the exact cause however the most common faults are EGR valves or a split in one of the intercooler hoses. This means that the air boost pressure is lost so the air and fuel mixture is incorrect leading to poor performance and generally black smoke from the exhaust. Most instances will put the car into restricted performance mode but not always. This is most common on the 3.6 TDV8, to check, inspect the two hoses that run from the top of the intercooler into the engine a split will show if you squeeze them. We would always advise to change both hoses even if only one is faulty as the other will fail shortly after.
To Replace Both Top Intercooler Hoses – Fitted Price £125 inc. VAT

Rear Suspension Hub Bushes

A common problem on the Range Rover® L322 is perished rear hub bushes. These are the bushes that connect the hubs to the wishbones and the usual symptoms are clonking noises from the rear suspension when driving over bumps. The bushes are quite difficult to replace, requiring LR special tools and a fair amount of elbow grease.
Top and Bottom Rear Suspension Hub Bushes, LH or RH – Fitted Price £300 inc. VAT

Brake Discs and Pads

Full Size Range Rovers® are very heavy on brake pads and discs which can need replacing every 30000 miles.
Replacement Discs, Pads and Sensor Wires – Front or Rear – Per Axle Set – Fitted – £230 inc. VAT (special price excludes vehicles fitted with Brembo parts, add extra £30)

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