Common Problems and Fixes – Discovery 3 & 4

For further advice on the following issues phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email

EGR Valves – TDV6

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves are fitted to most modern vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. The EGR takes the gases from the exhaust manifold and puts it back into the cylinders at lower temperatures which produces less of the harmful nitrogen oxide gas. However, this process creates more soot which can eventually build up and prevent the valves from operating properly.

Symptoms of faulty valves can be; heavy black smoke, loss of power, poor running and high fuel consumption. If you suspect the valves are faulty we have the latest Land Rover® diagnostic equipment to run a complete check to confirm if there is a problem. Unfortunately there are two of them on the TDV6 engine. We will replace only one of them if you insist but please be aware that they normally fail within a few hundred miles of each other.
New Genuine Land Rover® Replacement EGR Valve – Fitted – LH or RH – Prices start from £295 inc. VAT

Hand Brake Screeching or Failing to Release Properly.

This is a very common problem which is generally caused by the automatic adjuster in the handbrake drum ceasing. This in turn causes the brake shoes to collapse which score and jam the drums putting strain on the cable and burning out the motor.After repairing a considerable number of these systems it is a false economy to do anything other than replace all the parts for total peace of mind.
New Genuine LR Hand Brake Actuator with New Cables, New Drums, Shoes, Discs and Pads – Fitted & Adjusted – Pre 2008 Models £1295 inc. VAT- Later models P.O.A

Brake Discs and Pads

These vehicles are well known for using up brake discs and pads due their high power and weight.
Replacement Discs, Pads and Sensor Wires – Front or Rear – Per Axle Set – Fitted – £230 inc. VAT (special price excludes vehicles fitted with Brembo parts, add extra £30)

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